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Praying Mom

“God, I need you to do something in my children!”

Have those words found their way into your desperate prayers? Do you feel helpless to know how to equip your children for this world and all it will throw at them? Have you prayed, “God, I can’t be the mom they need. I need You to help me!”

If so, you’re not alone.

The good news is that there is a way to stay connected with the One Who has all the answers, so you can be the mom you need to be.

Brooke McGlothlin was faced with the undeniable fact that her best efforts fell woefully short of her goal to produce godly children. She knew if God didn’t show up, nothing would change in her home, so she began to pray scripture for her children. Both her life and her children’s lives were transformed. Yours can be too.

Over the years, Brooke learned that while prayer is the most important part of Christian parenting, many moms feel stifled in their prayers and so continue to feel helpless and hopeless.

Do you feel like you:

  • don’t know what or how to pray.
  • don’t know if your prayers really matter.
  • can’t pray until get your life together.
  • are too busy to pray?

    Praying Mom will have you making prayer your first and best response to every aspect of family life, and thriving as a mom full of hope in the God who can, even if you can’t.

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    Make prayer your first and best response to the challenges of parenting. Click the button below to get our free prayer challenge, 7 Prayers for Every Mom.


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    Million Praying Moms Podcast

    Join Brooke and Erin Mohring as they share resources for today’s Christian Mom, teaching you to pray God’s Word as the most effective tool in your arsenal.


    Brooke McGlothlin is a trusted voice. She leads with heart, with wisdom and with the reminder of the foundational difference prayer makes. 

    -Sissy Goff, LPC-MHSP, Counselor and Author of Raising Worry-Free Girls

    Listen to Brooke

    Brooke on Focus on the Family

    Brooke McGlothlin discusses the need for parents to pray Scripture over their sons, and offers advice on raising boys to be men of integrity, character and respect.

    Brooke on Family Life Today

    Brooke McGlothlin grew up dreaming of having little boys of her own. But parenting boys left her feeling frazzled and drained. She explains how she allowed God to change her dreams for His glory. McGlothlin dispels the myths of the “ME” gospel. She also identifies four main categories where she sees moms struggling most.

    Brooke on Million Praying Moms Podcast

    Hang out with Brooke in a bonus series called Prayer Tips with Brooke on the Million Praying Moms Podcast! The Prayer Tips series is designed to be short, practical, and get right to the point. My hope with these shorter episodes is to meet moms right where they are with practical power punches to help them take the very next step in creating a vibrant prayer life that makes a difference for their families!

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    Dear @staceythacker,

    I think this might’ve been the last time we laid eyes on each other in person. At a Mexican restaurant in Florida. How appropriate, but way too long ago.

    I don’t know what God was thinking when He brought us together on TWITTER. A “mountain” woman 🤣 and an Indiana transplant to Florida. What a sense of humor God has.

    I’m so thankful for the way God has allowed us to serve women together, and that He continues to bring us opportunities to serve. Just the icing on the top. HAPPY 50th birthday to the girl who looks 35 💚

    Happy to be stuck with you,

    So, this photo is a few years old. Ok, Ok, it’s about 7 years old…& yes, it was the last time we had official family photos taken. Yes, I know that’s horrible. Yes, I do have plans for new ones…

    They’re teenagers now, & I’m not in denial…I just stink at family photos. So there.

    I remember this day so well…my friend @marypstafford was our photographer, & the mountains behind us were an intentional way to mark who we are. Pinterest had given me the idea for the super hero theme, & on the DAY the pictures were scheduled I ran like a crazy woman through Target to find a different super hero shirt for each boy. Not pictured, my husband, who of course, was Batman.

    These boys have been my heroes ever since.

    They’ve saved me from a life of introverted isolation, selfish ambition, & sinful indulgence. I swear. I don’t know that I would ever have learned the art of laying down my life in quite the same way had it not been for the gift of them. God used them in all the best ways to empty me of me & fill me with Him.

    They also saved me from a prayerless life. In fact, it was their younger years, filled with capes, & masks, & all the #boymom things that dropped me to my knees in prayer, begging God for help. They showed me my need for Jesus on a daily, minute-by-minute basis, & for that I am forever indebted to them.

    Prayer has defined so much of my motherhood journey, & I’ve done my best to make sure they know how to pray as well. But I fumbled a bit, & I’m sure I could’ve done better. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about the new Mother & Son Prayer Journal from my friend @christie.thomas.writer, of @littleshootsdeeproots. It’s the tool I wish I’d had when these super heroes of mine were still little.

    @homewiththeboys & I will be doing a live review of this #prayerjournal TOMORROW (5/12/21) at Noon EST over at the @millionprayingmoms IG account for our new #readwhatmatters program & I would LOVE it if you’d plan to join us to see what it’s all about. If you already know you need it, go over to the #millionprayingmoms account & click the link in our bio!

    #boymoms #boysmomsrock #boymomma #boymomlife #boymomforlife
    #prayingmom #prayingmoms #christianmom

    “He doesn’t get to define what you believe about yourself.”

    “She doesn’t know who you are.”

    “You get to decide whose voice you let in your head.”

    “You are who GOD says you are.”

    “Your value doesn’t come from how you perform.”

    “God, please let Your voice be the biggest, and strongest, and surest voice they hear.”

    And repeat.....

    #sheprays #prayingmoms #millionprayingmoms #christianmom #christianmoms #prayingmom

    ✅I don’t know who wrote this...

    But I wouldn’t have it any other way 💚⚾️

    #baseball #baseballmoms #baseballlife⚾️ #baseballseason #baseballmom #baseballism

    Cheers! (I celebrate with an extra cup of coffee 😉 I’ve been praying through the book of 1 Peter verse-by-verse for several months now (in addition to a few other studies) and I FINALLY finished chapter ONE this morning 🤣

    Here are a few things I’ve learned about/through this process:

    1. Going verse-by-verse takes a LONG time, but it’s sooo worth it!

    2. I always have a commentary sitting beside me when I study because, well, I often need help. My habit is: Read the verse, read it again, read it again (until some understanding starts to come), read the verses before and after (for context), read my commentary (I’m using RC Sproul’s expositional commentary for this one), and then pray.

    3. Every time, as I’ve been faithful to do this, a prayer...for me, my family, the world, etc...starts developing right away. I’m just listening and letting the Word of God do what it does...penetrate, separate, judge (Hebrews 4:12). Then I write the prayer in my #prayerjournal. For safe-keeping. Man, I hope my kids appreciate having volume after volume of their mama’s prayers when they get older 💚

    4. 1 Peter has a message for us today. Promise.

    This was my last prayer of chapter 1, combining verses 24 and 25:

    “Father, nothing can take away Your Word. It endures forever. Help me put it in its proper place, not among things that wither, but as that which holds the gospel of my Lord.”

    In Jesus’ Name.

    #prayerwarrior #prayerispowerful #prayerworks #prayerlife #prayerjournal #dailyprayer #morningprayer #powerinprayer #prayertime #powerofprayer #prayingwomen #prayingmom #prayingmoms #prayingwoman #praywithoutceasing #prayerful #prayerchangesthings #alwayspray #prayedup #prayersup #christianmom #christianliving #christianlife #millionprayingmoms

    Today, on the @millionprayingmoms podcast, @homewiththeboys and I are sharing the second set of reasons we think a believer’s prayer life can run dry. We shared the first 3 in April, and the second set of 3 dropped on the podcast this morning (we’re just on iTunes for now, but we’re working on expanding).

    Inside of our discussion today, we pause for a minute to talk about the concept of being “fueled by truth,” and I think it deserve a mention outside of the podcast framework, if not to simply encourage us all (myself included) to consider what we’re being fueled by today. Aside from coffee and excitement over my son’s second JV baseball game tonight (let’s be honest), I want the main thing that gives me energy…that frames the way I see everything in this world…to be God’s truth, and there’s only one way that’s going to happen.

    If we’re not fueled by truth, we’ll be easy prey for the lies of the enemy…and nothing good comes from that.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: We shared something very important on the podcast today as well…a new season has come to #millionprayingmoms and we’re sharing about how you can be a part of it. I hope you’ll take a listen! We’re hoping to go live here on IG around noon to officially introduce it, but if you can’t wait go to the podcast!

    The link is in my bio!

    #christianmom #prayingmom #prayingwoman #prayingwomen #christianliving #christianmoms #christianlife #mothering #realmotherhood #mymotherhood #momtruth #momtruths #podcast #mompodcast #sheprays

    Praise the Lord! Thank you to this amazing praying community! Noah is safe! ...

    UPDATE: Noah is safe! Thank you for praying!



    Friends. A two year old boy, Noah, was taken from a church nursery yesterday near my home 😢 a little before noon. An Amber Alert was issued from the @virginia_state_police last night and Noah is considered in danger.

    Our small area is broken over this. Would you please pray for everyone involved? Noah’s family, the FBI, local and State PDs as they work, the church, and our county. We are shaken, but really, we just need to find Noah and return him safely to his family.

    Please pray 🙏If you’d like more info, visit the VSP Facebook page.

    #christianmom #prayingmom #christianliving #christianmoms #christianlife #mothering #realmotherhood #motherofboys #mymotherhood #motherson #momtruth #momtruths⁠⠀
    #boymom #boysboysboys #boymoms #boymomma #boy #mobsociety #millionprayingmoms

    Our culture spends an enormous amount of time trying to get in touch with ourselves...who we are, why we're here, why we are the way we are. Affirmations are all the rage, and it needs to be said that while knowing who you are isn’t bad, it’s a good idea to be discerning in what we speak over our lives. Not all affirmations are biblically accurate.

    On this first day of May, and maybe for a new series each month, I'm going to challenge us to do this: switch our perspective and focus on God instead of ourselves.

    Let’s call it Gospel-Centered Affirmations.

    Here's what I know. Belief in ourselves will only take us so far. Our own strength will only take us so far. Hard work will take us far...but only so far. You might believe in yourself, but one day you won't. You might be strong, but one day your strength will run out. You might be a hard worker, but one day you'll be weak. If you think the opposite is true, you're missing out on the right kind of power...the power of God at work in your life.

    We don't need to focus on ourselves in order to change. We need to let what we know about God change us from the inside out. Knowing Him is the only type of change that brings with it all the power of the life-giving Gospel.

    May brings with it a newness of life, fresh starts, new mercies, beauty from ashes. I chose 4 truths from God’s Word to focus on this month that support this theme. I plan to meditate on and study one each week, and let it fuel my thoughts and hopefully, influence my heart. If you’d like to join me, double tap and save this post so you can refer back to each week!

    (May affirmations based on Revelation 21:5, Psalm 30:5, Psalm 148, and Lamentations 3:22-23).

    #truthseeker #truths #shesharestruth #gospeltruth #biblicaltruth #twordsoftruth #truthtalk #truthteller #shereadstruth #speakthetruth #gospelaffirmations #thegospel #gospeltalk #gospelyourself #gospellife

    Hello Friday.

    This week I had to fight through pollen, book edits, crazy hair, launch prep, & the JV ⚾️ season opener (BIG WIN!) to get to you, but here we are. I confess, I’m happy to see you.

    This week for #fridayfavorites, I want to add a category. What I’m diffusing. Here’s why:

A few weeks ago, the Lord showed Himself to me in 1 Peter 1:13. It says, “Therefore, with your minds ready for action, be sober-minded and set your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”

    I’ve been forgetting things lately. Words, schedules. No, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my brain. I just think I’m on overload & stuff is spilling out every time I put something in. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, the media I’ve consumed of late. It never seems to stop.

    As I read, it was as if the very 1st part jumped off the page, & I knew the Lord was telling me that during this next season, whatever it is, my battle will be to keep my mind sober & ready for action. You could interpret this in a super spiritual way, & I think that would be ok (I’m doing that myself), but I’m also choosing to look at it from a physical perspective.

    I need to treat my mind better.

    I need to drink more water, read more creative things (NOT the news. NO, that doesn’t count), feed my brain good things, listen to more @davidnevuepiano, & light up those brain sensors by diffusing my doTERRA.

    (So that’s why the “What I’m diffusing” add).

    WHAT I’M READING: @andrewpetersonmusic’s Wingfeather Saga. Last book.

    WHAT I’M WATCHING: Dateline for date night. Hubby always thinks I’m going to murder him when we’re done 😉

    WHAT I’M LEARNING: See what I shared above!

    WHAT’S FILLING ME UP: The windows down on my car. I love being able to have wind in my hair.

    WHO I’M LISTENING TO: @bishopntwright, @smexaminer, & @podcast_just. Good stuff.

    WHAT I’M DIFFUSING: My go-to in this category is equal parts of Wild Orange, Douglas Fir, & Peppermint.

    Happy weekending, friends! I’d love to know what you’ve been doing this week. Tell me in the comments?

    (Also, I spend 1/2 my life carting this guy & his big brother around & I don’t mind one bit 💚

    I was talking to @ichoosebrave the other day about how much the Body of Christ needs to get back to the fundamentals of the faith. It’s true, we all get bored of hearing…

    “Read the Bible!”
    “Go to church!”

    For some of us who have been Christians a long time, we’ve heard these directives hundreds, if not thousands of times. I deliberately chose the word, “directives” in that last sentence because these things aren’t “suggestions.” They’re actual acts of obedience to our Father in heaven. The truth is, for the Christian, it isn’t Ok to not do these things.

    Don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying there can’t EVER be days when you don’t feel well enough to read the Bible, go to church, or pray. I’m not referring to real life things that occasionally keep us from these fundamentals. I’m talking here about habits…practicing the art of disobedience instead of dedicating our lives to the things that really matter.

    And here’s where we landed: we are hurting ourselves more than we know by ignoring the basic foundations of our faith. Like, REALLY hurting ourselves. Crippling, even. We’re invited into a personal relationship with the God of the Universe Who has ALL the answers, ALL the ability, ALL the power, and ALL the strength. Truly, He has ALL we need and He’s offering a direct line to all of that goodness because of our relationship with His Son.

    Need help parenting? He has ALL the answers.
    Need help in your marriage? He has ALL the answers.
    Need to persevere through a hard situation? He has ALL the strength.
    Need help with your finances? He has ALL the right principles.
    Need wisdom for your next step? He sees ALL of your future.
    Need understanding? He literally knows it ALL.
    Need (fill in your blank)? He has it ALL.


    And yet we put the life-giving foundations of our faith that are designed to give us access to Him, relationship with Him, knowledge of Him...well, at the bottom of our list.

    Don’t miss out today ❤️

    (P.S. @ichoosebrave and I plan to go deeper on this subject in a “B Live” late summer. Watch for it!

    A lot of Christians (if they’re honest) are confused and overwhelmed by what’s happening in the world today. I believe the best of the most. We want to see things God’s way. We want to have soft, teachable hearts. We want to be able to sift through the noise of the media and non-Christian platforms to see the truth. We want to value our fellow man in a beautiful tapestry the way God designed it.

    But it’s still confusing.

    It has been so helpful to me to remember that God sent the Holy Spirit to believers for just this purpose. It is the JOB of the Holy Spirit to teach us all things, and we can trust this 3rd person of the Trinity because He leads us into God’s truth (John 16:13).

    But how do we know Him better? How do we tap in? How do we learn to recognize and trust His voice?

    Today, at 12:30PM EST, my friend @jeanniecunnion and I will be going live right here on my IG to discuss this. We’re going to answer the following 3 questions:

    1. Why is the Holy Spirit often overlooked among Christians today?

    2. What is the discerning, mature Christian, who otherwise loves the Lord and wants to live a life pleasing to Him, missing about the Holy Spirit?

    3. What are some practical steps believers can take, especially in times of crisis, when our emotions are raw and overwhelmed, to make sure we’re tuned in and listening as the Holy Spirit leads?

    It’s going to be good. Don’t miss it!

    If you hung out with me here at all last week, you know that I’ve been working hard to keep a gospel-centered perspective on all that’s happening in the world.

    I think many of us are (if we’re being honest) and it’s ok to admit that it isn’t always easy.

    One of my greatest ambitions is to look back on my response to this season of history and be able to say I was led by two things:

    1. The truth of God’s Word.
    2. The Holy Spirit.

    Thankfully, they go hand-in-hand! But in some circles, we Christians tend to leave the third Person of the Trinity out of the equation altogether. I don’t think we can afford to do this anymore. We MUST be teachable, bendable, movable...and Who’s job is it do this in our lives if not the Holy Spirit? HE leads us in God’s truth (John 16:13). He opens our eyes, He softens our hearts.

    We need the Holy Spirit now more than ever.

    My friend @jeanniecunnion is releasing a book soon on the topic of our relationship with the Holy Spirit called Don’t Miss Out. I’ve asked her to go live with me here on my IG Wednesday (4/28) at 12:30 to talk about how we can make sure we’re led by the Spirit in the midst of crisis and difficult times. You aren’t going to want to miss it.

    Help us spread the word by tagging a friend or 10 who would be interested in learning more. We’ll give away one copy of Don’t Miss Out during the live to someone who shares with a friend in the comments!

    The discussion will be live here, on my IG, but I highly recommend heading over to follow @jeanniecunnion right now!

    See you tomorrow!

    Mercy. 🤧

    Also, I’m soooooo sorry you have to edit my sneezing and coughing and other stuff out of the @millionprayingmoms podcast @thepelsersmedia 🤣🤣🤣🤧


    It’s been a long week, and, I confess, my heart is TIRED. I am ready to rest, watch my boy play baseball, and worship. Anyone else?

    I thought I’d try to start a little #fridayfavorites around here. Maybe what I’m reading, what I’m watching, what I’m learning, what is filling me up, and WHO I’m listening to. So here goes:

    WHAT I’M READING: @andrewpetersonmusic’s Wingfeather Saga. Soooo good.

    WHAT I’M WATCHING: The Flash. I know, I know. But I love it. I’ve been catching up on the new season here this week.

    WHAT I’M LEARNING: I need to pray for God to keep my heart soft. I feel it hardening sometimes as I encounter trigger words or phrases, and I am committed to staying teachable all the days of my life. Some days, it’s a battle. #rawhonesty.

    WHAT’S FILLING ME UP: Both of our boys finished their football seasons in the last week. In the craziness that has been the last year I’m feeling incredibly grateful that I got to watch them play. I know not all moms can say that, so I’m not taking it for granted!

    WHO I’M LISTENING TO: This week, I’ve spent my podcast time listening to @phyliciamasonheimer, @bishopntwright, and @stephaniesbryant. God had something for me in each message, and I invite you to check them out!

    Happy weekending, friends! I’d love to know what you’ve been doing this week. Tell me in the comments?

    (Also, the guy in the picture is my favorite almost 16 year old in the world, and he’s been driving for a little over ONE WEEK! Sigh...).

    A Prayer for the Softening of Hearts (when the world would keep us hard).

    Inspired by Ezekiel 36:26 (my words come out better in the form of a prayer shaped by God’s Word, so that’s what I’m sticking with for a bit).

    #prayerwarrior #prayerispowerful #prayerworks #prayerlife #prayerjournal #dailyprayer #morningprayer #powerinprayer #prayertime #powerofprayer #prayingwomen #prayingmom #prayingmoms #prayingwoman #praywithoutceasing #prayerful #prayerchangesthings #alwayspray #prayedup #prayersup #christianmom #christianliving #christianlife #millionprayingmoms

    A Prayer for Going to Sleep in Distress

    #prayerwarrior #prayerispowerful #prayerworks #prayerlife #prayerjournal #dailyprayer #morningprayer #powerinprayer #prayertime #powerofprayer #prayingwomen #prayingmom #prayingmoms #prayingwoman #praywithoutceasing #prayerful #prayerchangesthings #alwayspray #prayedup #prayersup #christianmom #christianliving #christianlife #millionprayingmoms

    Earth day.

    I live in a beautiful part of it.

    #swva #swvabeauty #appalachia #blueridgemountains

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