Welcome to the She Prays Podcast!

You might be wondering…why are you doing ANOTHER podcast? Is the Million Praying Moms podcast ending? 

No, the MPM Podcast is not ending. Erin and I will still be releasing a new podcast each month designed to minister to today’s Christian parents with information they truly need. We love doing these and they aren’t stopping.

However, I’ve wanted to dig a little deeper on the topic of prayer for a long time in a format that isn’t just for moms, but for all women. About a month ago, someone I trust mentioned to me that a podcast might be the right avenue for sharing my thoughts, and when they made that suggestion something just lit up inside me. I knew it was the right thing! Trust me…I’m no professional here. I’ve never done anything quite like this before. But I’m FILLED with excitement and hope to share my heart with you this way, starting with today’s special episode, A Christmas Prayer.

The heart behind this prayer is to help us slow down, simplify, and focus our hearts on what truly matters this Christmas.

I hope it brings you peace in this very, VERY strange year.

The Music

One other thing I’d like you to know about this new podcast? The music you hear in the intro, outro, and occasionally behind the entire message itself, is the beautiful, solo piano music of David Nevue. I was first introduced to David’s music at a Christian blogging conference many years ago. He played a concert for the attendees after sessions were over one night, and I decided to go. Something just drew me to an evening with calming music. As I sat there, I was completely mesmerized by David’s talent, and it reminded me so significantly of my grandmother, Catherine. A single mom to three boys and one girl, the only outlet for stress-relief my dad ever remembers her taking that was just for her, was playing the piano. I spent some time with her on the summer weekends in my early teenage years, and remember watching her hands fly across the keys, the small miniature class ring my dad had made for her when he graduated from Virginia Tech slapping the keys when she used her pinky.

I was literally transported back to her living room as I watched David play, and since that time have chosen his music as the backdrop as I wrote each of my five books. (Yes, I said five. There’s a new one coming. Details soon)! His music is what inspires me as I write, so it was only natural for me to reach out to him and ask if I could use it for this podcast. He graciously said yes.

It’s my deepest wish to touch your life both by deepening your prayer life AND by blessing you with David’s music. Please take a moment and go learn more about him here.

The Heart Behind it All

My overall goal with each season of the She Prays podcast is to help you learn to make prayer your game plan for all of life. I’ll share with you something from my heart…a devotion or deeper understanding of some topic from God’s Word that applies to your life…and then several scripture-based prayers to go with it. I believe praying God’s Word back to Him is the solution for almost every challenge we face. We serve the God who bends down to listen (Psalm 116:2), and I’m so excited to help you experience a vibrant relationship with Him through prayer!

Each season will come with a free download of all the prayers shared in the show notes, so make plans not only to listen, but to activate your prayer life by praying with me!

Enjoy this special Christmas episode before we really get started on January 1, 2021! (Note: I actually recorded this when my family was in the middle of dealing with Covid-19. My voice suffered the most, but it’s getting stronger every day)!

Tune in Now!

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Mentioned in this episode: 

Today’s prayer was inspired by the following verses: Luke 1:46-4, Psalm 103:8, Matthew 7:24, Hebrews 13:8, Philippians 4:7, Luke 1:38.