Do You Struggle to Talk to God?


According to my research, most Christmas women do, so you’re not alone. My goal with each season of the She Prays Podcast is to help you overcome those struggles and have a more vibrant prayer life!

We serve the God Who bends down to listen (Psalm 116:2). He’s not up in heaven wondering what in the world is happening in your life. No, He’s listening! Let’s praise Him together!


Welcome to the She Prays Podcast!

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It should NEVER be said of a Christian that they didn’t know how to walk out their faith, but sometimes we feel as if we don’t have a clue how to follow God on a daily basis.

Hey, I’m Brooke McGlothlin.

Small town writer girl from the mountains of Appalachia! I want to be a woman of prayer, and I’d love it if you’d come along for the ride with me.

When something good happens, I want your first response to be one of prayer. When something bad happens, I want your first response to be one of prayer. My dream is that prayer would be the way you wake up, the way you go to sleep, and the way you handle everything in between…in constant communication with your Creator, because that’s all prayer really is…a conversation.

Join me!