Ten things baseball teaches us about life (or, lessons learned from playing in the dirt):

1. Focus on the next play.
2. Don’t let your fear of getting hit keep you from stepping up to the plate.
3. Dive.
4. Control your emotions or they control you.
5. Winning is as much mental as it is physical.
6. Let your team back you up.
7. How you handle failure will fuel your success.
8. The best leaders lift others instead of just making themselves look good.
9. Make adjustments.
10. Go down swinging.

(Congrats ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ on a big 3-game sweep for the Championship today)! 💚⚾️

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If you’ve read Praying for Boys, you know that I prayed for God to give me boys. My reasons for that NOW seem so presumptuous to me, even though the moment of the prayer was one of humility and honesty. I had noticed a shortage of truly good, godly men, and I wanted to raise some. I think I specifically used the term “different” in my prayer. I told God I wanted to raise men who were different from the world’s manly standard. And I prayed this prayer before I was even married 🤦‍♀️I guess I thought it wouldn’t be that hard.....

Needless to say, I had no idea what I was doing. My goal was good, but the application of it was somewhat harder. When they were little, the fact that they were different, that WE were different as a family, didn’t affect them directly. If anyone criticized us, or them, my husband and I absorbed it for them. But I’m here to tell you that if you are trying to raise children who are different from the world, there will come a time when you might not be able to absorb it anymore. “Different” isn’t a teenager’s top priority, am I right? I realized this the other day as I was talking with @stephaniesbryant about our family story...and even though I’ve publicly shared my prayer for the opportunity to raise different boys many, many times (it’s documented in black and white in the book for all to see!) I hadn’t pieced together the connection between that prayer, our actions that flowed out of it, and some of the strains it has placed on our boys, and on us.

I guess I have to be knocked in the head sometimes before I see the truth 🤷‍♀️

I’m not telling you this to dissuade you from making the decision to raise children who are “in the world, but not of it.” I’m just saying it took me about 20 years to piece this all together 🤣 so if I can save you the time, and help prepare you for the positive and challenging consequences of this choice, then maybe I’ve done a good thing.

It’ll be hard. Do it anyways.

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It doesn’t have to depend on what’s happening around us. Peace is not just quiet, although it can be that. Peace is an internal state that belongs to us as children of God...Jesus followers...that was sealed and called indestructible the day we gave our lives to Christ. Literally nothing can take it away!

Why? Because the scriptures say Jesus Himself IS our peace.

At @millionprayingmoms , we just released my brand new, 20-day prayer journal, Everyday Prayers for Peace, and inside I’ve chosen the verses I hope will help you put into practice the art of allowing your eternal peace to trump momentary attacks against it. It’s an intentional shift AWAY from what the world says is peace, and a deliberate look at what the BIBLE defines as peace instead.

Take the next 20 days to pray these scripture-inspired prayers back to God for yourself and your children, actively journaling what He's teaching you through our well-loved, "Think, Pray, Praise" method of daily prayer, and see if you don't emerge with a deeper, more biblically-based sense of peace with God and the world around you.

Get yours at the link in my bio!

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It was a good night for a McGlothlin touchdown! (And a slew of other last names with TDs, tackles, blocks, and interceptions. A fantastic team effort overall...just wanted to brag on my boy a bit)! Way to shut out Radford boys! #swva #mobsociety #footballmom ...


I am so excited to be coming to you on the @millionprayingmoms Podcast for my very first solo episode!

Starting today, I'll be offering a foundational series on prayer on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month called “Prayer Tips with Brooke.” I hope you'll take some time to join me, and go back to the basics!

Each episode is designed to be 10 minutes or less, so that you can get a punch of encouragement and truth, and then implement it right away in the everyday moments of your day.

On today's show, I'm teaching you the power of quieting yourself so you can allow God to lead you in prayer. I know the moms of littles among us may think this an impossible task, but I promise it's not (and, it can be just as hard when our kids are older!)

Check the link in my bio to tune in now!

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My beautiful men on Easter Sunday as the sun goes down over the mountains of SW Virginia. Nothing sweeter. Happy Easter, everyone! #mobsociety ...

Today is a promise of hope to come. For the Christian, that hope changes everything. ...


It’s Easter weekend, therefore I am spending the day deep cleaning our house. We will have some of our family over Sunday evening, so I’m getting over, under, and behind. Even in the bookcase! And look what I found...

Extra audiobooks of Praying for Boys and Gospel Centered Mom...just hanging out, not helping anyone, tucked behind old children’s favorites.

Let’s change that.


1. Make sure you’re following me @brookemcglothlin. (I’ll check!).

2. Tag a friend who could use these audiobooks. Actually, tag as many friends as you like, but do it separately so each one counts as an entry. Please use real accounts.

3. Go like my last 3 posts.

That’s it! Easy peasy, Happy Easter #giveaway! I’ll choose a winner 4/9/21. Open to US Residents only 💚

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After I posted my last IG here about being the kind of mom who can let her children leave her home knowing she’s prayed for them every step of the way I received a PM from a mom who said, “I blew it. Mine were gone before God opened my eyes.”

My first reaction was to hurt for her. That feeling of loss that screams, “You can’t get this back!” is real and scary. But there’s another Voice-a Voice I hope this post will cause to be louder, and bigger, and stronger-that whispers, “I make all things new.”

He’s the One Who makes beauty from what’s broken...Who opens the eyes of the blind, and I thank God that He opened yours, sweet friend, even if it was a bit later than you’d wish. They’re open now. Pray now. It’s never too late for God to act. Never too late for Him to work. As long as your children are this side of eternity, they need their mom’s prayers.

Just start 💚

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The car rental company came through for this mama in a BIG way 🤣🤣 Makes hitting a deer sting just a bit less! #jeepwrangler ...

Today, a friend of mine posted that it’s her son’s 16th birthday (@jennyleesulpizio), and in her declaration of love and support for him, she included the words, “We have prayed for you each season and step of the way, and we’re not stopping now...” (or something close to that).

Of course, I know Jenny to be a #prayingmom, but there was something in her words that grabbed my heart in a fresh way. Here is a boy who has literally never known a day without his parents’ prayers. He doesn’t know what it’s like to NOT know his parents are praying for him. I don’t know for sure, and I haven’t asked, but I bet that knowledge means something to him. If not now, it certainly will one day.

Be that mom.
Give that gift to your child.

Partner with God in the shaping of your child’s life and experiences through the simple act of prayer.

Many kids don’t have this gift. Yours can. Start today 💚

I talked with @momtomompodcast about this recently in an episode entitled “How to Pray Specifically for our Kids” and it was SUCH a treat to be in a circle of FOUR prayingmoms. @septemberanne @katebattistelli and @unlikely_homeschool, thank you for your amazing work and for having me on the show!!

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To bless the Lord simply means to praise Him for Who He is and what He’s done. Try it with 1 Peter 1:3, and let it inspire the way you communicate with your Creator.


What’s holding you back from representing Jesus well today? The men who literally lit the world on fire with the gospel were unlearned and untrained. They’d just been with the Savior 💚

Weekend Prayer: Lord, when others see me may they know I’ve been with You.”

(Aaaaaand I just found my typo 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Sorry)!


This morning, I started a new habit.

One of my favorite things to do is pray scripture. It’s almost an automatic reaction now. When I’m reading the Bible, I’ll come to a deeply meaningful verse that prompts me to stop and pray. So I do. But I’ve never done it cohesively, seamlessly, throughout one book and written it down for my own private use. Truthfully, nowadays, when I write scripture prayers they’re usually for you. This habit is, for now, just for me and God.

I’ve been in 1 Peter for a while, doing various studies, listening to teachings, reading commentaries, and studying for myself, and I like to think of this new habit as putting the finishing touches on the season by praying through the entire book. My plan is to write out my scripture-inspired prayers as I go verse-by-verse through the book this Spring, and I’m super excited about what God might show me about Himself in the process.

Starting at the beginning:

(1 Peter 1:1-2 Prayer): “Father, we, Your body, have been chosen according to Your amazing foreknowledge to live in this time and this place, with all the challenges it brings. And not just this, but to be obedient to You through them. May this truth brings us peace in the midst of trial. Thank You for grace to accomplish this calling. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

Have you ever done this? What are your prayer journaling habits?

P.S. the “Mama Needs Coffee” mug is on sale inside the Christian Mom Shop. Click the link in my bio to grab yours.


Life plan. Parenting plan. Connection to God = everything we need. We only have to ask. Do you trust Him? That’s the real question. ...

Playing for the Ship under the lights (against a TOUGH team)!

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Ode to #BaseballMoms.

We play football tonight, and have our first #baseball tourney in the morning...a 1-day, with the potential of 4 games. I’m sooooooo pumped ⚾️ but someone may have to wipe me off the floor Saturday night when it’s all over!

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